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Chilling ground proteins or dough in mixers/blenders from the bottom up with liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide is far more efficient than top-chilling methods and can improve the speed and repeatability of forming operations. It can also improve product freshness and color. The cryogen sublimes or vaporizes immediately, and consistently cools the food product. The cold cryogenic vapor is then pulled through the food product to provide additional cooling before being safely evacuated through an exhaust system.

Bottom-injection chilling systems are ideal for:

Protein: Ground meat, poultry and seafood mixers, blenders and tumblers
Baking and prepared foods: Dough mixers, blenders and extruders

Linde BI Chilling Solutions

Consult the Linde food team if you are planning to add or upgrade blending, mixing, tumbling or an existing BI chilling system. Proper design and installation are essential to optimizing performance.

ACCU-CHILL® Bottom Injection Chilling Systems
New bottom-injection (BI) chilling systems from Linde deliver cryogen with precision and can be retrofitted to existing mixers, blenders and tumblers, or installed with new mixer/blender equipment.


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