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CRYOLINE® UPF Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer - for IQF Production 

The Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer is ideal for IQF (individually quick frozen) foods. The newest generation provides excellent IQF product quality, high yield, and low freezing costs.

Product video and additional information

CRYOLINE® CVT CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer

The CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer excels at lower-cost freezing and chilling for a wide variety of products. Delivering a continuous, dependable performance and capitalizing on a robust foundation that can last for years, the CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer is ideal for new operations with room to grow.

Ensure quick, thorough freezing of product at a lower cost

CRYOLINE® UPS Ultra Performance PLUS Spiral Freezer

Recent updates, including the new horizontal vapor flow, improves productivity in the same compact space. Space saving features, production details and an animation of the equipment in action are provided to help understand the benefits of a spiral freezing system from Linde.

Improve your productivity

ACCU-CHILL® Cryogen Injection Cooling for Mixing and Blending 

Linde cryogenic gases - either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen - can be used to help ensure food safety and product quality. Either batch or continuous blending and grinding operations experience the benefits of direct injection.

Enhance production using cryogenic injection cooling