Case Studies

improve quality, save floor space and boost productivity

Schenk Packing Co. — Spiral Freezer is a ‘Hamburger Helper*’

A demonstration visit to the Food  Technology Lab showed Schenk Packing how to increase production and improve product appearance using Linde technology...

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*Hamburger Helper is a registered trademark of General Mills

New Guidelines? No Problem for the Raw Seafoods Company

New sanitary regulations didn’t hinder production at Raw Seafoods due to the installation of new equipment from Linde that meets USDA guidelines for sanitary cleanup... 

The complete story is available as a PDF document (83KB)

Less Room, More Production

Linde's tunnel freezer helps Great Kitchens chill out. Deploying a new tunnel freezer, Linde was able to maximize our production capabilities per square foot, and Great Kitchens is experiencing another benefit from the freezer: lower operating costs... 

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The Not-So-Big Chill

A new spiral design provides compact but efficient freezing for Linde Canada's customer DESCO... 

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