Food Markets

Cryogenic Food freezing and chilling in the Industries we serve

Productivity benefits a wide variety of customers

Linde gas products and application processes improve the quality, yield, consistency and shelf life of a wide variety of food and beverage items - from the traditional to innovative new products. In fact, we’ve helped more than 2,000 clients improve their operations with our technologies and services.

As a leading industrial gas producer, Linde has worked with food customers to help improve processing to achieve precise temperature control and rapid heat removal. Cryogenic gases - carbon dioxide or nitrogen - in liquid form quickly remove heat while the product is batch frozen in a cabinet freezer or traveling continuously in-line through a tunnel freezer, a flighted belt freezer, a nitrogen immersion freezer, or a spiral freezer from Linde. For chilling a product, we provide a continuous rotary system, automated bulk bin chilling, cryogen injection systems for powder, protein and liquid products,  and carbon dioxide snow horns to cool food products as they are conveyed. Select an industry focus in the left panel and discover the support a Linde cryogenic gas and equipment system can provide to your operation.