Cryogenic & Atmospheric Gas Use in Baking

The Science of Chemistry and the Art of Baking

Perfect Your Products and Improve Productivity

Linde has a number of proven systems to help the bottom line of your bakery operations. We produce and deliver cryogenic and atmosphere gas systems that allow adherence to demanding production schedules without compromising the taste and texture of your products. Precise temperature control is essential for proofing, dough mixing, product chilling & firming or fully frozen.  Whether it's flour, sugar other ingredients, raw dough or a fully baked good - there's a Linde system to maintain your product quality.

Flour and Dry Ingredient Cooling technology using injected cryogenic gas - either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen - optimizes incoming ingredient temperature. Precisely controlled temperature of ingredients and make-up components helps achieve the desired results bakers demand. Building on this technology, cooling food liquids and sauces is also achieved using cryogen injection from Linde

In-line Freezing and Chilling systems for bakery production results in productivity gains and offers production line flexibility options. Freezing raw products to lock in freshness or finished products to extend shelf life and expand market reach are just some of the benefits for bakers.

Top or bottom cryogen injection system are versatile, high-performance temperature control system designed specially for precise control of bakery ingredients during mixing and blending.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) gas mixtures of Linde gases. The industrial gas combinations at precise concentrations have been tested in our labs to extend shelf-life so that products are at their freshest for your customers.