In-Line Freezing

Baking In-line Freezing and Chilling for Decreased Spoilage

Fast and Efficient

Linde addresses your needs for rapid freezing and increased throughput capacity with an extensive line of ultra performance cryogenic freezing and chilling systems. Using liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, depending on your location and application needs, Linde's cryogenic applications work to improve your production.

With an in-line system you can:

  • Preserve product quality and appearance: Crust freezing prior to packaging preserves the unique look and shape of your product. Often only a slight crust freeze will improve the product flow and solve any bottlenecks in the production line.
  • Improve efficiency: Linde cryogenic freezers will provide high production capacities that can be installed in as little as a few weeks.
  • Save plant space: Ultra performance tunnels and spirals reduce the footprint needed versus generic cryogenic freezers and traditional mechanical freezers.
  • Save time: These freezers are designed not only for maximum production but enhanced sanitation features make them easier and faster to clean.
  • Keep costs down: Capital investment is low and our complete product line has a number of options to fit into your available space and budget.