Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Extends Product Shelf Life

The Freshness is Sealed In

Product returns or rejection due to staling or loss of original taste and quality can severely hamper your production. Extending the shelf life of your product to ensure that it is at its utmost best for the consumer is key. Linde provides modified atmosphere recommendations at a minimum expense to help benefit your operation.

Our gases can be used to replace the natural atmosphere in a package to significantly extend shelf life. Over 200 special blends of gases are available and one of our gas mixture specialists can assist with selection of the exact mixture to delivery the attributes you seek.. Since the correct gas mixture is dependent on your product, the temperatures, the packaging material - especially the selection of the packaging film, we use our expertise and understanding of the technologies to select the most effective option for your product. We may even recommend incorporating a chilling process for best results.

Through our industry focused Food Technologies Lab near Chicago, Linde can provide temperature control and controlled atmosphere recommendations customized specifically for your product.

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