Cryogen Injection for Mixer Cooling

Cryogenic gas injection Cools mixers with Nitrogen or Carbon dioxide

Improve Product Quality and Enhance Safety

Linde cryogenic gases can be used in the early stages of production to help ensure food safety and product quality. Heat generated during mixing and grinding can accelerate bacterial growth and lead to off-flavors, decreased shelf life and spoilage. Cryogenic carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen used in your mixing operation keeps your product at an optimal temperature – slowing the growth of bacteria. Consistent mix temperatures are also essential for making formed products such as patties, with accurate and consistent dimensions and weights. Additionally, properly chilled product ensures the perfect blending of product, fats, flavorings and spices - all at the targeted temperature to preserve quality, texture and flavor.

The ACCU-CHILL® CBC cryogen injection mixer cooling systems, either in batch or continuous form, is a proprietary, bottom injection system that uses liquid nitrogen and provides improved efficiency and performance compared to older technologies. For mixing and blending this allows the processor to inject just the right amount of cryogen to keep the mixture at a uniform temperature. The ACCU-CHILL® LXC injection valve is designed to deliver cryogen deep into the product, resulting in a larger amount of cryogen transfer to the mixture and up to a 33% improvement in cooling efficiency. This in turn leads to shorter batch times or extended production runs. Both systems deliver a boost to capacity.

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