Alternative Proteins

Expanded protein options well frozen with cryogenic liquid nitrogen

The next step to reducing carbon footprint

Like Linde, companies around the world are exploring ways to lower the carbon intensity of their products. Today’s alternative protein marketers offer variety that addresses core values of reducing environmental impact as well as elevating discussions about health and challenging the norm. Linde supports the progress being made to reduce carbon footprint by supplying cryogenic nitrogen certified as being produced using 100% carbon-free energy.

Processing a unique product

Companies producing alternative meat products understand that the larger market is made up of traditional protein consumers as well as those seeking options for lowering or removing animal protein from their diet. On the quality front, many of the alternative meat products are plant-based in some way. Plants and plant proteins are more delicate than animal-based products. Both the gentle nature of the individual components and the combination of differing materials makes freezing quickly with liquid nitrogen one of the best preservation choices. Atmospheric nitrogen liquefied using carbon-free energy sources is identical in composition and function to that of standard liquid nitrogen produced using other energy sources.

Nitrogen Produced with 100% Carbon-free Energy (762KB)

Freezing elevated

By freezing quickly, the texture, the flavor, and the consistency are fixed in place. Ice crystals do not form that can destroy plant textures. Fats don’t melt and pool in the bottom of the product. Water does not migrate from one ingredient to another and surface dehydration is greatly reduced. Nitrogen, certified carbon-free by Linde, allows processors to calculate a lower carbon impact attributed to overall production.

How certifying nitrogen works

Linde purchases carbon-free power certified by the provider. That carbon-free power is allocated to the production of liquid nitrogen. Our program is audited to track power sources and production allowing us to certify that the liquid nitrogen was produced using 100% carbon-free energy.