Dissolved Oxygen Control

removing oxygen with a nitrogen gas stream preserves BEVERAGE quality

Preserving the Integrity of Your Product

No matter the type of product - whether a brewery, carbonated beverage or specialty beverage processor - uncontrolled oxygen levels in processing streams can negatively impact beverage quality. Linde has developed an application that uses pressurized gas to remove excess oxygen. The sanitary in-line oxygen stripping system greatly reduces the dissolved oxygen in process water to reduce oxidative reactions through out the brewing and beverage manufacturing process.

Designed for batch or continuous processing, our sanitary in-line stripping system is installed directly into the existing processing water lines providing space-saving convenience. Using either inert nitrogen gas or carbon dioxide as a process gas, the system creates a concentration gradient that forces dissolved oxygen into the gas phase removing it from the fluid phase. The oxygen is then vented from the process along with the stripping gas.