Dairy, Ice Cream & Novelty

Rapid freeze, Varied production & unique shapes

Transform Your Product Using Liquid N2 or CO2

The quality of being novel or new can make the difference in how a product is perceived. Ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurts, and frozen dessert novelties can benefit from consumers interest in what's new and unique. However, the uniqueness has to be based on solid product performance, taste, and appearance. That's where the use of cryogenic nitrogen or carbon dioxide for producing ice cream and frozen novelties can assist.

Using cryogenic liquid nitrogen as well as Linde equipment systems allow for process enhancement for rapid ice cream hardening. The same system allows for the inclusion of mix-ins, colors, and patterns and aids in the addition of other ingredients like nuts, candy pieces, or dough and bakery bits. the animation featured to the left explains these processes.

Liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen remove heat rapidly to help maintain unique shapes, harden coatings, and improve processing rates to help boost productivity.

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