Seafood - Cooled, Chilled or Frozen with Cryogenic Gases

Freezing, IQF and Chilling Seafood products with  industrial gases produced by linde

Your Product is Valuable - Protect It

Seafood processors have to control a number of variables to keep their delicate, high value products fresh and appealing. Everything from avoiding yield loss to addressing seasonal demands, your seafood operations stay focused on product quality. We’re right there with you. Take a look at these application technologies that can improve yield, boost productivity and maintain product quality.

Seafood Market Overview (755KB)

In-line Cryogenic Freezing and Cryogenic Chilling systems from Linde remove heat rapidly, lock in quality and moisture, improve yield, and help manage seasonal demands. Individually quick frozen (IQF) product is easily achieved with a Linde flighted, rotary or tunnel system.

Carbon dioxide for belt snowing, box snowing and spot cooling applications ensure economical, precise temperature control throughout the process. The ACCU-CHILL® family of liquid liquid carbon dioxide systems ensures there's a system to meet most needs.

Oxygen-based aeration streams for aquaculture provide higher dissolved oxygen levels, better oxygen transfer, and boost yield by allowing higher fish density and improving productivity.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) gases extend the shelf life of products and help ensure freshness. Contact us to get in touch with one of gas blend experts to determine the best system for you product.