Gases + Aquaculture

Aquaculture, Oxygen and Farming for Fish and Shrimp

Boosting Productivity, Improving Yield

Linde oxygen lets fish farmers increase tank capacity with enhanced growth rates and fish density. Our systems also provide great results for shrimp farming and fish farming - healthier ponds and greater yield even with an accelerated growth cycle.

Maintaining the proper level of dissolved oxygen in your aquaculture system is critical to the success of your operation. Conventional air-based aeration systems have limited oxygenation rates, which may translate to poor dissolved oxygen levels. Delivering pure oxygen to the pond water results in much greater transference rates compared to air-only systems. With precise oxygen level monitoring and delivery, your system can maintain and shift oxygen levels, as needed, to meet higher production goals.

Visit the Linde aquaculture page for details about gas applications and oxygen deliver systems