Inline Freezing, IQF Production and Chilling

Seafood Freezing, IQF and Chilling for Productivity and Moisture Control

Cost Saving Productivity for Seafood

Removing heat quickly and uniformly is vital to maintaining the quality and integrity of your seafood product. A rapid, thorough chill retains moisture in the product and retains the natural attributes that make your product unique.

CRYOLINE® cryogenic freezing systems transfer heat so fast your product scarcely has time to lose a drop of moisture. And unlike their mechanical counterparts, cryogenic systems can be turned on and off to meet seasonal demand.

ACCU-CHILL® chilling systems provide accurate, repeatable and affordable chilling when and where you need it. Chilling systems utilize either carbon dioxide or nitrogen depending on your processing needs.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Product

Perfect, individual portions whether it's shrimp, scallops, oyster, clams, fish nuggets or other tasty morsel,  Linde cryogenic system can handle it. With one or a combination of Linde freezing systems, heat is rapidly removed from your product while in motion to ensure free-flowing, individual pieces.

When choosing flat belt, flighted belt, rotary drum, or immersion options you can expect each offers superior IQF capability to maximize quality, yield and appearance.