New Ideas for Increased Productivity

Enhancing Connectivity, Boosting Refrigeration, Improving Product Yield

Linde’s ACCU-CHILL® LXC valve assembly can be installed on process equipment such as mixers, augers, blenders, and kettles. Components are custom-engineered for your needs.

The CRYOCONNECT® RM remote monitoring system provides the ability to view real time freezer operation and analyze operational data wherever there is online web access. 

The new CRYOLINE® PB plate belt tunnel freezer from Linde crust freezes a variety of difficult to handle products such as marinated proteins, sauced foods, semi-liquid products, and others. 

Ongoing Innovation

Improving the product and the process, that's what drives us. Our customers need a supplier they can work with to increase productivity while optimizing the finished product. So our mission is simple - deliver innovative technologies and systems that help meet this goal.

Perfecting What's Next

In the food processing and food preparation industry, we work regularly with customers to develop new applications for improved productivity and potential process cost savings. Discover additional applications and processes listed on the left to meet your food, ingredient, flavoring or beverage product need.