•   Eliminates handling of active birds.
  •   Uses existing cages and infrastructure.
  •   Requires a low capital investment with quick payback.
  •   Easily integrates into current process.

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning & Chickens

Minimize Damage, Boost Profitability

Linde's CAS system for broilers has been developed to address processor needs especially in the area of yield to reduce the amount of damage that occurs during traditional harvest processes. By eliminating the flapping and agitated state of active birds, there is less damage to the bird following the CAS process and cage tipping than with traditional processes. Because the birds remain unconscious and immobile while proceeding to further processing, there is less bruising and wing damage.

This economical and practical approach to CAS for the chicken industry uses the existing cages and infrastructure currently in place. This proprietary system utilizes a multi-stage, carbon dioxide atmosphere process to desensitize and immobilize active birds while they are still in the cage. The multi-line system is placed prior to the tipper and utilizes the existing conveyer system. This crucial step virtually eliminates the handling of active birds resulting in reduced damage to the birds often seen in other processes.

The CAS system is being validated in actual production lines to stun two and three cages at a time on parallel lines. Each cage is sent individually to the existing tipper and then the empty cages are returned. The system is flexible enough to handle different production levels. The automated computer controlled process is a unique feature of the CAS system for broilers.