On-Truck Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Enhanced Animal Handling

Linde created the on-truck CAS system to meet the growing need for processors to improve yield and improve productivity. By adding the CAS system to the front-end of the processing system, customers have experienced a quick installation with minimal modification of their existing trailers. This unique approach eliminates a major barrier to adoption of most CAS systems because there is no building modification needed in most cases and can be completed during a weekend installation.

The on-truck system combines push-button simplicity with sophisticated controls for effectiveness and worker safety. The total stunning and truck unloading times are comparable to current standards and the only requirements of the processor are minor modification of transport trucks, installation of carbon dioxide supply system and associated hardware. These low up-front investments generate a total capital payback in a short amount of time depending on your operation.

Linde's system quickly stuns turkeys while still on the truck, virtually eliminating the need to handle active birds and thus providing animal welfare, employee satisfaction and yield/quality benefits. This multi-stage carbon dioxide system increases concentration with each cycle to:

  • Anesthetize birds with minimal adverse reactions.
  • Immobilize birds to avoid wing flapping and damage.
  • Desensitize birds to assure they are unrecoverable throughout processing (in accordance with 98% industry standard).

The economic benefits achieved are due both to competitive operating costs plus significant yield and quality improvements in the following areas:

  • Less wing, leg and thigh damage than systems that shackle active birds.
  • Less bruising and hemorrhaging in breast meat than electric stunning.
  • Meat quality and bleed out meet or exceed industry standards. Our research and in-field testing shows turkeys bleed out normally when processed within 60 minutes after stunning.
  • Reduction in labor costs for truck unloading and overall workplace improvements for shackling line staff.


  • On-truck stunning eliminates handling of active birds.
  • The proprietary free-standing unit is simple to install and operate.
  • Immediate yield improvements, quick payback of investment.
  • The on-truck stunning system is the first practical and economical approach to controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) for turkeys.