Continuous Rotary Chiller to Reduce Product Temperature Rapidly

Cryogenic Rotary Chiller Systems for food chilling & food freezing

Flexible Processing for Variable Product Sizes

The ACCU-CHILL® CRC continuous rotary chiller system tumbles food pieces keeping them separate for maximum cryogen exposure for either chilling or freezing. The system’s patented cryogen injection system - using either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen - impinges product on all sides. This results in rapid heat transfer out of either raw or cooked, bone-in or boneless product. The Linde process also helps maintain product appearance, flavor and texture for produce, ingredients and mix-ins like roasted nut meats, chocolate pieces or dried fruit. The unique rolling drum system can be installed quickly into existing line operations or incorporated into new production due to its compact design that conserves valuable floor space.

No More Batch Processing

Current cooling methods employ manual or semi automatic dispensing of dry ice pellets or water ice into boxes or bins.  Discretionary cooling of products in this manner can result in wildly varying product temperatures with hot spots and/or frozen spots, ultimately resulting in rejected product or excessive cooling costs. Determination of actual product weights may be difficult because of the carry over of wet or dry ice. In addition to the concerns around achieving the even product temperatures, processing plants are concerned about the labor involved in the material handling aspects of the current batch process and about the proper exhausting of the sublimated CO2 in the processing room and refrigerated storage areas.

The continuous rotary chilling system addresses all of these concerns.  Product is conveyed into the rotating drum where CO2 snow is evenly dispensed using Linde's patented injection technology.  With the constant turnover of the product mixing with the injected CO2 snow, cooling is rapid and very uniform. Residence times in the unit average from two to six minutes, depending on the product’s size and inlet temperatures. CO2 vapor is exhausted at the ends of the continuous rotary chiller controlling the processing room environment. Since no snow is carried over into the bins, tare weight and exhaust concerns in the refrigerated cold storage room are also eliminated. The system can also be customized to use cryogenic liquid nitrogen.

The ACCU-CHILL® CRC continuous rotary chiller is available in various product capacity sizes for production ranging from 1,000 to 17,000+ pounds per hour.  All CRC sizes utilize a minimal footprint in the processing area and the units are easy to maintain and operate. Contact Us to begin the selection of the optimal system at your facility.

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How can I chill my product efficiently and evenly?

Using the continuous rotary chiller allows you, the processor, to achieve the optimal product temperature based on the amount of product, the inlet temperature of the product and the desired temperature after equilibration. The automated control system takes into account all of these parameters. Only the exact amount of cryogen is delivered to the system saving.

Is the chilling process economical?

The ACCU-CHILL® CRC continuous rotary chiller uses the exact amount of cryogen so that the product is chilled to the expected target temperature. Not overchilled creating frozen spots (and wasting cryogen) or under-chilled resulting in uneven temperature