Diced Product Chilling

Efficient Cryogenic Chilling Systems for Diced Products

Growing Trend Means a Growing Opportunity

As convenience and portability remain key factors in consumer purchases, prepared foods continues as a trend that shows no signs of slowing. The demand for ready-to-cook meals with precut proteins can mean big opportunities for processors – unless evaporative yield loss is standing in your way.

Minimize Losses With a Minimal Investment

Dicing product immediately after cooking can result in a yield loss in excess of 10%. That’s like leaving money on the table. Linde can help reduce those losses up to 50% with our ColdFront™ Diced Product Chilling System. This in-line system works with existing equipment to chill product so that it will dice cleanly, with less moisture loss and fewer fines. All with a smaller footprint than traditional chilling methods.

Improve Your Process and Your Productivity

The ColdFront™ Diced Product Chilling System offers:

  • Reduction in moisture loss
  • Fewer fines material produced during the cutting step
  • Increased yield
  • Improved product appearance
  • Low capital investment
  • Small footprint

For further information on how a the ColdFront™ Diced Product Chilling System could improve your process and put you a cut above the competition is available, Contact Linde today.

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