Even Chill System

Cryogenic Carbon Dioxide snow delivery for Precise Food Chilling

Bulk Product Chilling Perfected

ColdFront™ Even Chill System provides consistent, precise delivery of CO2 snow when packing product into bulk bins. Snow and product are packed evenly – ensuring no over-cooling nor hot spots in the bin. This significantly improves product quality, yield, and incidents of out of specification products due to becoming too warm or too cold (to the point of being frozen).

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Consistency, Bin After Bin

The ColdFront Even Chill System cools product evenly throughout the bulk bin and from batch to batch – improving the overall product quality and productivity while reducing chilling and labor costs. The even chill system:

  • Automatically distributes CO2 snow and product while filling bin
  • Provides even temperature throughout the container
  • Uses cryogen efficiently
  • Delivers rapid cooling and excellent yield retention
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Overhead door option uses a minimum of floor space
  • Side swing door option works for low-ceiling operations
  • Able to chill a wide variety of products

Easy, One-Operator Controls

The system is automated and can be run by a single operator. Accurate PLC controls deliver the correct amount of cooling power needed. The proprietary control system can be adjusted to provide the optimum CO2 ratio, providing flexibility to chill a wide variety of poultry, seafood and meats. In just minutes – depending on the product and cooling rate – the system can process an entire bin.

Optional Door Designs

The overhead door design occupies a small footprint, while the optional side-swing doors fit manufacturing sites with low ceiling heights or other operating considerations.