Process Optimization

Cryogen Cost Savings

Optimize CO2 or N2 Usage and Cut Costs

Our expert staff members combine more than 100 years worth of experience evaluating, designing and recommending freezing and chilling systems that rapidly remove heat using either cryogenic liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen gas to efficiently and economically freeze food products.

Put Our Expertise to Work

We start with a preliminary economic analysis to calculate your potential savings. We crunch the numbers to determine the amount based on your current equipment, the application(s) you’re running, and current cryogen consumption.   

If we need to take a deeper dive into your processing situation, we can send a freezer specialist to your location for an on-site assessment. First-hand knowledge yields more precise results and our goal is to find every penny of savings for you.

From there we may also recommend testing your products using our full-size freezing and chilling equipment in the Linde Food Technology Lab to determine the optimal process parameters.

In some cases, we will send a team of technical professionals to your location. This team will make recommendations for the equipment and liquid cryogen delivery system that best suits your product, your plant and your operations.  

Contact one of our efficiency experts today. Learn how Linde can save you money by optimizing your cryogenic carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen usage.