Food Wastewater Treatment

CArbon Dioxide & OXygen for Your food processing WasteWater treatment needs 

Whole System Wastewater Treatment

Industrial gases can be used in many ways to treat wastewater. Whether you benefit from oxygen-enriched aeration or use carbon dioxide for buffered pH control of alkaline waters, Linde's wastewater treatment and gas applications can improve your productivity.

In dairy plants, poultry operations or beef slaughtering facilities, the fluctuating biological and chemical demands of the production cycle may cause operational difficulties, our carbon dioxide gas can facilitate:

  • A self-buffering equilibrium in which water pH levels drop to an average of 6.5
  • The elimination of mineral acids, avoiding the risks they pose.
  • Reduced pipeline corrosion and related maintenance costs associated with mineral acid use.

In addressing the particulate and dissolved fats and proteins associated with meat and poultry wastewater processing, treatment with high purity Linde oxygen:

  • Can control odors from wastewater streams containing blood and manure.
  • Provide an oxygen-enriched aeration system to handle the increased biological oxygen demand.
  • Help facilitate compliance with local wastewater regulations.

We have a long history of providing industrial and process gases for water and wastewater processing. A quick call to Linde is the first step to see where an industrial gas application might improve your operation.