Cryogenic Cabinet Freezer for Economic Batch Processing

Buy nitrogen or carbon dioxide to power this efficient batch freezer

Ease of Operation and Installation

Cabinet freezerThe CRYOLINE® CF cabinet freezer offered by Linde has a range of features making use of the latest in control and manufacturing technology. The cabinet freezer is designed for batch freezing and chilling processes where an inline system is not appropriate. It is especially useful for freezing and chilling prepared foods, bakery products, seafood, meat products, large-size products, and products requiring long retention times.

Cabinet freezer market sheet (773KB)

The cabinet features an easy-to-use, water-resistant control panel capable of storing up to 10 recipes for different product cycle time and temperature requirements and can be used in five different modes. The door frame is heated to enable easy opening either during or after the process with no damage or loss of production time. The floor of the unit features a detachable ramp for ease of loading and unloading. The freezer, which is easy to install, is also equipped with frequency-controlled fans to ensure maximum efficiency and overall flexibility of use.

Small Footprint, Big Options

The cabinet freezer can be used with either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, giving a greater flexibility in applications. The freezer comes in a single or twin model size. The twin orientation has fans on both sides of the cabinet. The twin unit gives a faster and more even freezing for more demanding products. The standard single unit has fans on just one side of the cabinet and is used for smaller product runs.

Other options available include doors front and back for push-through work where the freezer may be placed between raw and cooked/cooled areas. For larger capacities, it is also possible to have two cabinets joined together with a cold gas transfer between them, enabling optimal refrigerant application. Contact Us to speak with a regional engineer about a system that's optimal for your production needs.

Keep it Clean

In line with modern standards, the freezer has been designed with hygiene requirements as a top priority. The cabinet is made from all-stainless steel components and is fully welded inside. The interior of the cabinet freezer is optimized for cleaning. There are only a few internal parts and all are removable for a thorough cleaning.