CryoSaver Tunnel Freezer

cryogen efficient Food Freezing with liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide

A New Angle on Efficiency

Wasted cryogen or inefficient use of cryogenic gas erodes profitability. Our engineers reconfigured the classic tunnel freezer, with a unique, angled design that capitalizes on the pooling characteristics of cold cryogen vapor. Advanced features effectively block ambient, room temperature air from the plant from entering the freezing zone and also help prevent cryogen vapor from escaping. This creates a longer, more active freezing zone for greater processing efficiency.

Proprietary Design = Lower Operating Costs

Incorporating advanced engineered technology into the design of the CRYOLINE® CST cryosaver tunnel freezer results in increased processing efficiency of up to 15% compared to traditional cryogenic freezers in the industry. We took each feature into account to extract additional cooling potential — from its tilted ends and perpendicular fans that help recirculate cryogen vapor, to strategically placed exhaust vents and baffles at the entrance and exit that block warm, moist, ambient air. Cryogen heat removal from the product is optimized.

The design relies on an enclosure of welded stainless steel manufactured to meet updated USDA sanitation guidelines, with the ability to retrofit into an existing line. An automatic temperature monitor and controller take the guesswork out of your line processing and frees up staff time. Combine this with high production throughput and the end result is lower operating costs. Contact Us for more information about the this or any of the CRYOLINE family of cryogenic freezers.

Perfect for poultry, beef, pork or seafood as well as processed foods and produce, the tunnel freezer transfers heat quickly and efficiently. This helps retain moisture in the product to maintain the integrity of more fragile proteins like scallops or chicken tenders.

A cryogenic system also offers operators greater control than their mechanical counterparts. With the ability to turn the CRYOLINE CST tunnel freezer on or off according to production demand, batch operations, toll production, or seasonal seafood processors are able to adapt processing changes without paying for idle cooling between production runs.

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