CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer

A basic straight Tunnel design for cryogenic food Freezing & food Chilling

Cost Effective and Easy to Clean

The versatile CRYOLINE® CVT cryovantage tunnel freezer is engineered to meet lower capital outlay and meet improved sanitary clean-up standards. These workhorse freezers are capable of freezing and chilling a wide variety of products and are an integral part of your continuous processing operation. This straight tunnel freezer incorporates many proven technologies that ensure quick, thorough freezing and maintains the quality attributes of your products. This basic cryogenic tunnel freezer incorporates many sanitation improvements that make it faster and easier to clean and meets the USDA sanitation standards.

An Essential Cooling System

In line with your production flow, your product moves through the tunnel freezer on a traditional continuous conveyor belt or Linde's CRYOLINE® PB plate belt freezing surface. Cryogen injected into the freezer contacts the individual food product pieces for optimum heat transfer. Automatic temperature control systems adjust cryogen injection to compensate for incoming product load and temperature variations. The internal fan system increases production capacity and helps insure evenly chilled products. Adjustable curtains at the conveyor entrance and exit prevents warm room air from entering freezer. These standard features help conserve cryogen and optimize freezer performance.

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