Ultra Performance Immersion Freezer

A Cryogenic Tunnel Freezer to Increase Yield Through Crust Freeze and Cooling

Lock in Flavor

Lock in flavor to help lock in the profits. Moisture and flavor retention help increase product yield and maintain a high level of freshness, taste and quality. Our engineers designed an immersion freezing system that utilizes either a conveyer belt or top-loading option, depending on the type of product being frozen. In addition, our system offers the maximum achievable bath length without wasting floor space. We don’t waste nitrogen either, as we’ve designed it to use the minimum amount of nitrogen necessary for both cool down and freezing. 

The Upper (and Lower) Crust

The immersion system offers the most rapid type of freezing method in the industry, resulting in an instant crust freeze. This importance of the crust freeze is readily apparent for products such as marinated chicken tenders, flavored seafood patties or filets, smaller diced product like vegetables or berries and more delicate seafood including scallops and clams. Crust freezing prior to final deep-freezing reduces product dehydration, locks in flavor and helps maintain product shape, for a more attractive end result. Contact Us for more insight about immersion freezing with Linde cryogenic liquid nitrogen

In addition, the crust freeze ensures smoother and more rapid processing because the crust freeze prevents product from sticking to the conveyor belt. This step may also be used to pre-chill product prior to a more thorough freeze in a spiral or tunnel freezer. Enter your production values in the our on-line, pre-chill calculator to discover potential savings.

Easy Clean Up

Downtime and inaccessibility are two scenarios manufacturers don’t need. The CRYOLINE family of freezing systems relies on an exterior of welded stainless steel manufactured to meet new USDA sanitation guidelines. In addition the immersion freezer was specifically designed to include complete access for thorough cleaning and a belt lifting system for cleaning the nitrogen bath. 

The CRYOLINE UPI ultra performance immersion freezer fits inline with other cryogenic freezing systems for a complete, seamless operation for increased production volume and throughput. A proportional level control system and a new digital display allow for easy operator adjustments for accurate liquid nitrogen control. Safety systems prevent the operator from opening the freezer until all of the vapor has dissipated.

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