Ultra Performance PLUS Spiral Freezer

Food Freezing & Food Chilling in A Cryogenic Freezer That Saves Space 

More Cold in Less Space

Your floor space is one of your most valuable assets and you need to make equipment purchase decisions with careful consideration to size and performance. Linde can give you the best of both worlds. Our CRYOLINE® UPS ultra performance PLUS spiral freezer delivers more cold per square foot in a compact footprint to minimize its impact on the manufacturing floor. And the spiral design offers advanced cryogenic delivery ideal for any freezing and chilling application.

Improved Heat Transfer

Improved cryogen impingement and vapor flow make optimum use of cryogen and significantly reduce the time necessary for heat transfer—resulting in a more rapid chill for a better quality product, increased yield and improved production efficiencies. The spiral freezer’s patented vapor balance system minimizes air and moisture infiltration into the system, while also conserving cryogen. The reverse-flow center fan design recirculates the cryogen vapor to help optimize freezer performance. The efficiency of the ultra performance PLUS spiral freezer can be enhanced with product pre-chilling. 

Explore the potential savings by using our on-line, pre-chill calculator

Product Applications

The continuous spiral conveyer belt moves product through the UP Plus freezer as the center cage fan circulates the cryogen for uniform cooling. The correct model and size are selected to meet the chilling requirements of a wide variety of more delicate products that can be difficult to freeze thoroughly or without product damage or loss. Some examples include thick meat cuts, bakery products such as pies, muffins or pastries, trayed entrees, pizza, hamburger patties, poultry parts, fish fillets, and pasta.

The rapid chill helps retain moisture in the product and therefore maintain the integrity of fragile proteins such as seafood or chicken parts and avoid breakage in products such as pasta or hamburger patties. Contact Us for for product analyses we've conducted on products and unique freezing profiles.

The stainless steel flexible belt and welded enclosure enable easy cleaning and meet USDA and OSHA requirements.

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