Replacement Parts & Services for Cryogenic Freezers & Chillers

Maintain linde (and Legacy Praxair) Food Freezing and Chilling Equipment

The Correct Part to Keep Your Process Going

Service and Systems Support

Linde freezing and chilling systems can provide years of product processing, especially when well maintained. As part of that maintenance, some parts may require replacement or repair in order to keep equipment in good condition. Our ongoing support of the systems we install includes keeping an inventory of OEM parts suitable for our temperature control systems. Our program makes it easy to request parts and receive them in a timely manner to keep your production up and running. There is additional information below including an on-line request form for you to submit your requirements. 

Program Specifics

This is only a partial list of available parts and services. Your specific need will be addressed by our parts group. Submit your request using the form on this page or feel free to contact Linde for parts at 1.800.334.5242 or by e-mail to

We stock a wide variety of equipment parts for the complete line of legacy ColdFront™ systems as well as CRYOLINE® cryogenic freezer equipment and ACCU-CHILL® cryogenic chilling products that we manufacture in the US. Providing high quality replacement parts - often within 24 hours - helps ensure that your Linde system continues to deliver the high production and efficient cryogen use that you have come to appreciate.

Our highly trained team of field engineers are also available to assist with proper part installation, as needed. Simply fill out the form on the right to quickly submit your request using the green button at the end.

Replacement Parts

  • Belting - sized for the unit
  • Valves and components
  • Solenoids and relays
  • Temperature controllers
  • Thermocouples
  • Sprockets and drives
  • Gear boxes
  • Gauges and recorders
  • Safety stops and shutoffs
  • PLC controls
  • Wiring and connections
  • Hinges, assist lifts
  • Door seals and closures
  • Curtains

In-plant services

  • Installation of replacement parts
  • Troubleshooting & optimization
  • Equipment rebuild/upgrades
  • Complex repairs
  • Computer programming & diagnostic
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